Information about Arabic


Information about Arabic

It can be confusing to try to decide which version of Arabic to learn.

Classical Arabic was the form of Arabic used in literary texts. Its modern form, Modern Standard Arabic, is used in print, formal speeches, and most religious services (both Christian and Moslem) in Arab speaking countries.

On this website we have chosen to use Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, or Egyptian Arabic for several reasons:

  • We want to focus on communication rather than reading or listening to news broadcasts or other formal speech;
  • Egyptian Arabic is the national language of Egypt, spoken by over 44 million Egyptians;
  • Egypt has produced the most movies, and other popular media such as songs, comics, plays and literature. Egypt also has TV stations and radio that are listened to throughout the Arab world so that Egyptian Arabic is understood by more people in the Middle East than any other Arabic dialog.
  • Egyptian Arabic is the most commonly used spoken dialect taught to students learning Arabic as a foreign language.
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