Privacy Statement


Privacy Statement

    This is the privacy policy for the web site of

    • The activities are free: you can enjoy them without logging in or registering.
    • If you want your activities to be recorded in your teachers roll book you must register and login for those activities to be recorded.
    • We use your email address as user identification because it is a unique form of identification. The email address is also used to send your password.
    • The other information we collect is used to improve the content of our web site, customize the content and/or layout of our web page. You may leave out most information.

    Parents: If you wish you can enter your child's first name on the children's page. Your child's first name is stored temporarily to enhance the activities. When you close the browser, it is destroyed. The first name is used to personalize the activities. A cartoon character may say, "Hello, Ryan", or "Good job, Jennie", or "Try again, you can do it Jeff." If you do not put in the child's name, the characters simply say, "Hello", or "Good job" without the name. If the name you enter is one that we do not have recorded, we store it temporarily as a name that needs to be recorded. We do not store any other information with the name.

    We do not share your information with anyone.


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